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Wipe Out attacks head lice by penetrating the lice and forcing the them to keep their orifices open. Head lice normally shut their bodies down when they sense moisture and they can essentially hold their breath for up to eighteen hours, but Wipe Out has a proprietary formula that does not allow head lice to do this

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Why does Head Lice have a Social Stigma?

Origins of the Social Stigma of Head Lice

The stigma of head lice dates back to the Victorian age.
The social stigma of head lice dates back to the Victorian age.  Having lice was seen as unhygienic and was greatly feared by the upper class.

A head lice infestation is a very common issue among children and adults. Having head lice can be very frustrating, time consuming and expensive. When you realize that you or your family has head lice you begin to...

You, Me, and Lice: How other Cultures Deal with Head Lice

You, Me and LICE

      From us here in America, to our friends across the world, head lice find a way to make an impact on all cultures. Egyptian culture, Indian culture and one that is falsely claimed to be the “garlic’’ to the blood thirsty culprit, African culture.

An ancient lice comb estimated to be thousands of years old.

Head lice has been around for thousands of years dating as far back as...

Natural Remedy for Head Lice: Essential Oils

Natural Remedy for Head Lice: Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Aroma Oil in Glass Bottles with Lavender Pine and Mint
Could essential oils be an effective alternative to damaging chemical lice treatments and repellants?

Essential oils often possess insecticidal properties. They are also quite effective against head lice. Here at Head Hunters we use Lemongrass, Lemon Oil and Lemon Eucalyptus as our main ingredients in our Lemon Heads products. Below are some facts about...