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Lice and Hygiene

There are many misconceptions, both on the internet and in the world, about the role that personal hygiene plays when it comes to lice. Most people assume that if there are lice present, that basic hygiene is being neglected, which is almost never the case. What most people don’t take into account is that lice are a human parasite. Lice feed off of human blood and do not care about the state of...

Can Head Lice be on Other Areas of the Body?

woman scratches neck because of lice
Having head lice can make you feel itchy all over, but the good news is that the lice on your head will not spread to other areas of your body.

In this business we get lots of questions about lice because it can be difficult to find reliable information about head lice. A common question we get is “Can head lice spread to other areas?” The short answer to this question is NO. However, there are...

The Truth about Lice in your Eye Lashes'

The Truth about “Eye Lice”

An image of a child's eyelashes infested with nits.
Signs of lice on the eyelashes include itching, irritation, redness, and visible nits attached to the lashes.

When a parent discovers a lice infestation, often the first thing they do (besides feel very itchy!) is take to the internet to research lice and how it should be treated. Anyone who has researched head lice will know that there is a lot of information out...

Children’s Head Lice Books

c8e0eec08a76f7003dd4bf05c22f2df5Children’s head lice books- Getting head lice is like catching a cold. Although most people will have head lice at least once in their lives, it can be a hard concept for children. Most parents keep it simple and say, “you have bugs in your hair and we need to get them out.” To help your children learn about head lice, I recommend getting them a children’s book about lice. I picked out my 10...

Is it a flea? A tick? No – its Super Lice!

Super Lice have Spread to Almost Every State. How can we Combat them?

Head Hunters Lice Removal Specialist is the Kryptonite to Super Lice

It is no secret that head lice are a hassle. They are difficult to remove and typical treatments never seem to work. In fact, in a poll of 2,000 US mothers over two thirds reported that it took two or more applications of over the counter lice treatment...

Will Hair Dye or Bleach Kill Head Lice?

Many clients ask us if they can color their hair to treat head lice or insist that their routine hair appointments would kill any lice if they were to get it. This is a common misconception and although hair dye and bleach may contain strong chemicals it is not strong enough to kill head lice.

What happens if you dye/color your hair when you have lice?

Although hair dye may drastically change the...

Head Lice Are Year Round Not Seasonal

We should always be on the lookout for head lice – even on winter breaks and holidays.

Head lice are a year round problem: not seasonal. Many people believe lice take a holiday or winter break but they do not. Clients often ask us if lice die off or slowdown in the winter. Although the weather is constantly changing, our body temperature stays the same which creates a comfortable environment for...

Facts About Head Lice

How much do you know about head lice? Once you get past the social stigma surrounding lice you will see how interesting this evolutionary bug really is!

Within three seconds, lice will use the hair as a bridge to transfer from one host to the next. They cannot jump, fly, hop or burrow as lice do not have wings or hind legs. Head lice are parasites that use humans as their host
Head lice are very...

My Child has had Head Lice for how Long? Weeks?!

You just found out your child has lice! What do you do? Treat at home? Did I get all of it? How do I get rid of this? How long have we had lice? These are many the first questions that run through a parents head upon discovering an infestation, and the answers may surprise you.

When an adult louse transfers she will immediately start laying nits. This is the first week of an infestation. During...

Head Lice and the Emotional Frenzy for Mothers

Head lice is an emotional topic for moms across the globe. With any lice situation, moms typically worry about who has lice, how they are going to get rid of it and the household cleaning. This topic creates an emotional frenzy that overwhelms almost every mom dealing with head lice.

head lice emotional frenzyMoms usually begin the emotional frenzy by reading information given online; the more moms read the more their...

Fun Facts about Lemon – The Head Lice Repelling Fruit

Lemon is the key ingredient in our preventative lice product line the Lemon Heads Trilogy. Some fun facts about lemons are listed below. Do you know any more?lemon-repels-head-lice

  • The lemon is native to Asia.
  • Lemon trees produce fruit all year round.
  • One lemon tree can produce between 500 and 600 pounds of lemons in a year.
  • Once upon a time lemons were presented as gifts to kings because they were so rare.
  • California...

Head Lice Causing Psychosomatic Itching


Psychosomatic Itching- When someone around you says that they have head lice your head instantly starts itching. Some people say that they can feel something “crawling in their hair”. If your head did not itch the minute before hearing the word lice, what you are experiencing is psychosomatic itching. Psychosomatic means a condition caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal...

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