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Headhunters Pro Lice Treatment Kit & Wipeout Instructions


  1.  Using Wipe Out on dry hair, saturate the entire head of hair working from root to  tip. For more detailed instructions on applying Wipeout please consult Section 2.
  2.  Massage into scalp.
  3. Let sit for 20 minutes. (You can choose to shampoo and condition the hair before moving to step four to make the combing less messy)
  4. Thoroughly detangle the hair.
  5. Working in one inch...

The Elderly and Head Lice

All it takes is one visit from an infested grandchild, niece, or nephew to bring lice into the facility and start an outbreak.
All it takes is one visit from an infested grandchild, niece, or nephew to expose a senior citizen to head lice.

Head lice is a problem largely associated with children. Everyone remembers the lice checks they had when they were in elementary school and may have even gotten lice once or twice. Head lice affects mostly children but that doesn’t mean we can’t be vulnerable to an infestation when we...

The Social Stigma of Lice


The Social Stigma of Lice

People are often fearful and are even hostile to those who have lice despite that most people will have an experience with lice at some point in their lives.

It is a wonder that in 2017 when there is widespread awareness and compassion for many health-related issues that there is still a great deal of social stigma surrounding those who have head lice. Most people do...

The Dangers of Chemical Lice Treatments

Chemical Lice Treatments often Contain same ingredients as pesticides
Chemical Lice Treatments Often use the Same Chemicals Found in Commercial Pesticides.

At Head Hunters, we provide an all-natural treatment option as opposed to the more common methods of treating head lice that involve the use of harmful chemicals. Just how dangerous are these chemicals? We have researched the active ingredients in both prescription and over the counter lice treatments and found...

Head Lice Among Atlanta Children is not Rare

Head lice are prevalent among children in Atlanta. As lice become more and more resistant to over-the-counter products, it is becoming more difficult for parents to get rid of their children’s infestations. and we find that children have had lice for longer periods before they start itching and some children never itch. Typically, by the time that an infestation is discovered it is at a contagious...

We Offer Lice Removal Procedures That are Safe for the Children of Atlanta

Professional lice removal is a safe and effective way to bring an end to a head lice problem.

While lice are a nuisance they do not spread disease and can make you itch but are otherwise harmless. However, the over-the-counter drugs you can purchase to rid your children of their infestations can actually be harmful to them. Health experts are also concerned about recent studies that show lice...

A New Year for Head Lice – Checking for Head Lice after School Breaks

head lice spreads through head to head contact
Instances like this allow head lice the opportunity to transfer to a new host.

School children may go back to class in January with more than their new sweaters and shoes. There’s a good chance they might return with something they can share with their classmates—head lice.

This winter could be booming for the blood sucking, six-legged insects that survive by attaching themselves to a scalp....

Lice Removal? How did you get into this Business?

The Head Hunters Team Preparing for their Annual Camp Check Session.

The single most asked question is “How did you get into this business?”

Our family was struggling with a lice infestation with our daughter for six months. This was the second time in three years. Long story…short, I was frustrated, emotionally exhausted and very overwhelmed by the whole experience. Spending endless hours...

Will Head Lice Eventually Leave? How Long can an Infestation Last?

Will Head Lice Eventually Leave? How Long can an Infestation Last?

Will Head Lice Eventually Leave? How Long can an Infestation Last?


As time passes an infestation will only grow and become more difficult to treat.

The typical head lice case we see at Head Hunters is a 3-6-week infestation, but we often treat shorter cases as well. Because most people treat lice immediately upon discovering it, this often leaves clients wondering what would have happened if...

How to Remove Head Lice From Hair with Extensions and Dreadlocks

How to Remove Head Lice From Hair with Extensions and Dreadlocks

Hair extensions are attached near the root of the hair and must be properly removed before treatment for lice can begin. A lice comb cannot go through the hair properly and pesticide treatments could react with the bonding agent.

Head lice and hair extensions are two things you do not want to hear in the same sentence. It is already expensive to get the extensions put in and to hear that you have...

What is Super Lice ?

What is Super Lice ?

As of late, it seems that head lice have become an epidemic. Every week, a new letter is being sent home warning you that someone else in your child’s class has lice. The term “Super Lice” has emerged and taken over the market, causing a panic among consumers. Products like Nix and Rid claim to eradicate these otherwise persistent pests, making their product seem essential in lice treatment. They...

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