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Head Hunters Pro Lice Kit Double Pack

Head Hunters Naturals Pro-Lice Kit( Double)

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The Pro-Lice kit contains WipeOut(12oz) and the Pro-Lice Comb which work together to eradicate an active head lice infestation. WipeOut utilizes ingredients that destroy "Super Lice" without harming the individual being treated. Since a louse can sense moisture and shut down its external orifices, WipeOut is designed to keep those orifices open, killing the louse from the inside. After applying WipeOut, the Pro-Lice Comb removes deceased lice and their nits with steel, micro-grooved teeth. WipeOut is a professional product that will eliminate even the most difficult case of head lice. 

This Pro - Lice Kit is Enough to Treat 2-3 People

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  • Kit Includes WipeOut Natural Head Lice Treatment (2)of (12oz) and 1 Head Hunters Pro-Lice Comb
  • New "Super Lice" Formula Completely Eliminates all Stages and Strains of Head Lice
  • Conditions and Restores Hair
  • Quick, Easy and Natural At-Home Lice Treatment and Removal

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