Emotional Side to Head Lice

Your child has head lice! Do you feel the frenzy setting in, the chaos, or the frustration? For most "moms", this is an instant feeling. The roller-coaster of getting rid of head lice is steep with sharp declines and lots of twist and turns. Just breathe and relax. It does not have to be this way. With the correct information and the right tools you can be successful of ridding your family from head lice. Below is one family’s journey as it was given to us:

Jeremy’s Lice Removal Effort

Tuesday    Discovered crawling adults and nits on Jeremy after  bath (nighttime)

Wednesday  Confirmed to be lice by a pediatrician then treated with Nix crème rinse and combed out many nits

Thursday   After swimming, rinsed with Listerine, CVS Lice Killing Shampoo, Extra Strength Denorex, regular cream rinse and combed with metal comb, cleaned and rinsed in Listerine, found about 10-15 nits

Friday   Washed hair with Extra Strength Denorex

Saturday   Rinsed with Goo Gone and combed with metal comb-found 3 nits.  Shampooed with Extra Strength Denorex and Suave Smoothers Orange Mango Shampoo

Sunday   Washed with Suave Smoothers Orange Mango Outburst Shampoo

Julia’s Lice Removal Effort

Wednesday   Treated with Nix Crème rinse (saw 2 or 3 dead adults), then permanent dye and intensive conditioner

Thursday   Rinsed with Listerine, CVS Lice Killing Shampoo, Extra Strength Denorex, and regular cream rinse, then tried combing with metal comb

Friday     Washed with Extra Strength Denorex and regular cream rinse

Saturday    Saturated hair with store-brand Cetaphil and blow dried, left on for 6 hours, rinsed with Goo Gone, shampooed with Extra Strength Denorex, Suave Coconut shampoo and conditioner.

Sunday   Shampooed with Extra Strength Denorex, Suave Coconut shampoo and conditioner 


House Work


Vacuumed all carpet in house, couch, couch cushions and car seat

Washed bedding, blankets, stuffed animals and car seat in hot water, detergent and OxyClean

Washed brushes, combs, hair ties

Washed all clothes and towels every day in hot water, detergent and OxyClean

Saturday Vacuumed car and car seats

Sprayed Lice Shield Leave-in spray all over car seats

Sunday Repeated Saturdays work 

After all of this hard work, the family still needed treatment. Although "mom" felt like she was making the right judgment call, in all actuality, she was creating more work for herself. The process of removing a case of head lice should consist of a good comb and the right products. The cleaning should be kept to a minimum, as live lice do not infest the home. The nits that may be in the carpet, bedding or other areas will not be able to hatch. They are rendered useless. Once off the head, live lice will die in a matter days, not weeks. For more information about head lice, please see Headhunterslice.com.


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