Head Hunters Naturals Lemon Heads Lice Repellant Shampoo 32oz

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Lemon Heads Repellent Shampoo will prevent head lice naturally and effectively. With a sweet lemon scent that is offensive to head lice, Lemon Heads Repellent Shampoo provides a deep layer of scent to protect against the adult louse transfer. This shampoo is enhanced with Argan oil to relieve the itching associated with head lice infestations. Our all-natural, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial formula provides gentle cleansing to leave hair soft, supple and strong. 

Helps to Prevent  Adult Louse Transfer

  • Repels Adult Louse Transfer
  • Promotes Strong, Healthy Hair Growth
  • Natural, High-Quality Ingredients
  • Gentle Cleansing Leaves Hair Soft and Supple
  • Designed For Everyday Use

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