Head Hunters Naturals Pro-Lice Comb

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The Pro-Lice Comb is widely accepted as the best head lice and nit comb on the market, removing more lice and nits with each stroke than any other comb. The effectiveness of the Pro-Lice Comb is based on the patented stainless steel spiral micro-grooving on the comb’s teeth; the nits gets stuck in these grooves and are pulled off the hair, enabling the removal of even the tiniest of nits. The ends of the comb are microscopically rounded to prevent pricking, scratching or pulling on the scalp.

The Pro-Lice Comb is even more effective when used in conjunction with our WipeOut Natural Head Lice Treatment (Sold Separately). This superior formula will assist in the eradication of an active head lice infestation. WipeOut is a revolutionary treatment option for head lice because it destroys a louse from the inside out by causing a physical reaction in the louse, not a chemical one. This is a professional salon grade product that will eliminate even the most difficult case of head lice.

  • Drags Nits Away from the Hair
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Anti-Slide Bands on Handle
  • Micro-grooved Teeth Tempered with Steel
  • Can be Cleaned for Repeated Use

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