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Headhunters Pro Lice Treatment Kit & Wipeout Instructions


  1.  Using Wipe Out on dry hair, saturate the entire head of hair working from root to  tip. For more detailed instructions on applying Wipeout please consult Section 2.
  2.  Massage into scalp.
  3. Let sit for 20 minutes. (You can choose to shampoo and condition the hair before moving to step four to make the combing less messy)
  4. Thoroughly detangle the hair.
  5. Working in one inch...

If Head Lice are not Considered a Medical Problem, why are they Such a Big Deal?

Although lice is not a medical problem, school nurses often conduct head checks to prevent further spread of this pest.

Head lice are not considered a medical problem. Doctors offices and hospitals will not provide lice treatment, and it is not tracked and reported yearly like the flu and other ailments. If head lice are not considered a medical concern, why are they such a big deal? Do you want...

The Dangers of Chemical Lice Treatments

Chemical Lice Treatments often Contain same ingredients as pesticides
Chemical Lice Treatments Often use the Same Chemicals Found in Commercial Pesticides.

At Head Hunters, we provide an all-natural treatment option as opposed to the more common methods of treating head lice that involve the use of harmful chemicals. Just how dangerous are these chemicals? We have researched the active ingredients in both prescription and over the counter lice treatments and found...

Head Hunters Naturals Wipes Out Head Lice with New Treatment

Wipeout is a Revolutionary, All-Natural Head Lice Treatment

The Head Lice Specialist Dives in to Wipe Out the Head Lice Epidemic. Head Hunters Naturals Releases New, Highly Efficient Lice Treatment!

Are you ready to WIPE OUT head lice from your life? With the release of a new, highly effective product from Head Hunters Naturals and The Head Lice Specialist, you will be able to do that in no time...

My Child has had Head Lice for how Long? Weeks?!

You just found out your child has lice! What do you do? Treat at home? Did I get all of it? How do I get rid of this? How long have we had lice? These are many the first questions that run through a parents head upon discovering an infestation, and the answers may surprise you.

When an adult louse transfers she will immediately start laying nits. This is the first week of an infestation. During...

Why Don’t Dads get Head Lice?

Having short hair plays a big role in the low risk most dads have for getting head lice.

Why don’t dads get head lice? Why don’t dads get head lice? Dads do get head lice, however not as often as moms. A mother with one infested child has a 54% chance of having lice herself. A mother with two infested children has an 87% chance of having it. Dads have a 10% chance of having head lice regardlessof...

Mom Spent $2,000 Treating her daughter for Head Lice!

Mom claims she spent $2,000treating her daughter for head lice…. This would not have happened if this mother came to Head Hunters! A newspaper recently reported that a mother spent $2,000 in one year treating her daughter for head lice. After an infestation is removed it is important for parents to be proactive in preventing a future case of head lice. While clients are in our facility, their...

Head Lice Causing Psychosomatic Itching


Psychosomatic Itching- When someone around you says that they have head lice your head instantly starts itching. Some people say that they can feel something “crawling in their hair”. If your head did not itch the minute before hearing the word lice, what you are experiencing is psychosomatic itching. Psychosomatic means a condition caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal...

What is WipeOut? The Revolutionary, Natural Head Lice Treatment

Wipeout natural lice treatment
WipeOut is Available in Two Sizes for Every Head Lice Scenario and is Based on Homeopathic Ingredients and Essential Oils.

What is Wipeout? Wipe Out is a superior formula that will assist in the removal of an active infestation by using all natural, professionally tested ingredients which include high quality essential oils and a proprietary blend. It is crafted with a conditioner base which...

Natural Treatments for Head Lice? What Really Works?

Natural Treatments for Head Lice? What Really Works?

What do Listerine, Mayonnaise, Cooking Oil, Vinegar, WD-40, Dish Soap, Coconut Oil, Kerosene, Diesel, Lime Juice, and Garlic have in common?

They have all been put in people’s hair to unsuccessfully treat head lice!Some are very dangerous, while others will just make your hair smell for weeks. Many of these “remedies” have been passed down through generations, while others are just old wives’...

Why Lice Shampoos Don't Always Work!

Woman scrubs head with lice shampoo in the shower.
Air pockets caused by the foaming action of shampoo and lice resistance are the biggest reasons why lice shampoos are becoming less and less effective.

Shampoo lice treatments have been so commonplace for so long that when a child gets lice, the first thing that comes to a parents mind is to go to the store and buy “lice shampoo”. When a person hears “lice shampoo” they think of a strong shampoo...

What is Super Lice ?

What is Super Lice ?

As of late, it seems that head lice have become an epidemic. Every week, a new letter is being sent home warning you that someone else in your child’s class has lice. The term “Super Lice” has emerged and taken over the market, causing a panic among consumers. Products like Nix and Rid claim to eradicate these otherwise persistent pests, making their product seem essential in lice treatment. They...

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