Head Hunters Naturals Lemon Heads Lice Repellant Spray 22oz

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The Lemon Heads Repellant Spray will assist in the removal of any head lice infestation. This multi-functional product is a natural repellent against head lice with the added benefit of being a natural scalp cleanser and disinfectant. Ingredients are included to reduce the itching and increase the healing aspects associated with a head lice infestation. This original handcrafted formula is professionally tested to provide Essential Essence for All Day Natural Protection against head lice.


  • Repels Adult Louse Transfer
  • Breaks the Bond that Holds the Nit in Place
  • Sweet Lemon Scent that is Offensive to Head Lice
  • Detangles Hair
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Conditions and Repairs Hair
  • Designed for Everyday Use
  • Click here for some helpful tips to stay lice fre

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