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Head Hunters Lice Specialist Blogs

Evidence of Head Lice Throughout Human History

Where do head lice come from? There are two distinct views about how head lice came to the modern day world. Like most theories of existence and evolution one is scientific and the other is religious.

Nits on an Egyptian Mummy

There have been various accounts throughout history that will confirm that head lice have been in existence since the dawn of man. There are two distinct lineages of the...

Head Hunters Naturals Wipes Out Head Lice with New Treatment

Wipeout is a Revolutionary, All-Natural Head Lice Treatment

The Head Lice Specialist Dives in to Wipe Out the Head Lice Epidemic. Head Hunters Naturals Releases New, Highly Efficient Lice Treatment!

Are you ready to WIPE OUT head lice from your life? With the release of a new, highly effective product from Head Hunters Naturals and The Head Lice Specialist, you will be able to do that in no time...

We Offer Lice Removal Procedures That are Safe for the Children of Atlanta

Professional lice removal is a safe and effective way to bring an end to a head lice problem.

While lice are a nuisance they do not spread disease and can make you itch but are otherwise harmless. However, the over-the-counter drugs you can purchase to rid your children of their infestations can actually be harmful to them. Health experts are also concerned about recent studies that show lice...

Bullying and Head Lice

Bullying and Head Lice- In New Jersey, a student came to school with her hair freshly dyed. When another student said “she dyed her hair because she had head lice.” That student was the reprimanded and labeled as a bully. The school and the state are now being sued by the alleged bully.

This child’s family believes that the school infringed on their child’s Freedom of Speech. Click hereto read the...

Head Lice Are Year Round Not Seasonal

We should always be on the lookout for head lice – even on winter breaks and holidays.

Head lice are a year round problem: not seasonal. Many people believe lice take a holiday or winter break but they do not. Clients often ask us if lice die off or slowdown in the winter. Although the weather is constantly changing, our body temperature stays the same which creates a comfortable environment for...

Facts About Head Lice

How much do you know about head lice? Once you get past the social stigma surrounding lice you will see how interesting this evolutionary bug really is!

Within three seconds, lice will use the hair as a bridge to transfer from one host to the next. They cannot jump, fly, hop or burrow as lice do not have wings or hind legs. Head lice are parasites that use humans as their host
Head lice are very...

My Child has had Head Lice for how Long? Weeks?!

You just found out your child has lice! What do you do? Treat at home? Did I get all of it? How do I get rid of this? How long have we had lice? These are many the first questions that run through a parents head upon discovering an infestation, and the answers may surprise you.

When an adult louse transfers she will immediately start laying nits. This is the first week of an infestation. During...

Head Lice and the Emotional Frenzy for Mothers

Head lice is an emotional topic for moms across the globe. With any lice situation, moms typically worry about who has lice, how they are going to get rid of it and the household cleaning. This topic creates an emotional frenzy that overwhelms almost every mom dealing with head lice.

head lice emotional frenzyMoms usually begin the emotional frenzy by reading information given online; the more moms read the more their...

A New Year for Head Lice – Checking for Head Lice after School Breaks

head lice spreads through head to head contact
Instances like this allow head lice the opportunity to transfer to a new host.

School children may go back to class in January with more than their new sweaters and shoes. There’s a good chance they might return with something they can share with their classmates—head lice.

This winter could be booming for the blood sucking, six-legged insects that survive by attaching themselves to a scalp....

Lice Removal? How did you get into this Business?

The Head Hunters Team Preparing for their Annual Camp Check Session.

The single most asked question is “How did you get into this business?”

Our family was struggling with a lice infestation with our daughter for six months. This was the second time in three years. Long story…short, I was frustrated, emotionally exhausted and very overwhelmed by the whole experience. Spending endless hours...

Handling a Head Lice Problem in Schools

head lice is always a problem in schools
Head lice is always a problem in every school even when there is not a current outbreak situation.

When a case has been detected at your school, the best course of action is to immediately check every student in the class. Send an informational letter home to notify the parents that a child has lice and give them tips on how to prevent their child from getting lice. Have an age appropriate quick...

Why Don’t Dads get Head Lice?

Having short hair plays a big role in the low risk most dads have for getting head lice.

Why don’t dads get head lice? Why don’t dads get head lice? Dads do get head lice, however not as often as moms. A mother with one infested child has a 54% chance of having lice herself. A mother with two infested children has an 87% chance of having it. Dads have a 10% chance of having head lice regardlessof...